**For data prior to May 25, 2012 you must select 'Medfield' from the drop down list. This station relocated from Medfield to Millis in May 2012, less than 5 miles distant. For current data select 'Millis' from the dropdown list.
Medfield, MA Historical Weather Data
Daily Summary for May 18, 2017 Units:  English    Metric   Both
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  High: Low: Average:
Temperature: -121.8887 °F °F -24.4 °F
Dew Point: °F °F 0 °F
Humidity: % % 0%
Wind Speed: mph mph 0mph
Wind Gust: mph - -
Wind- - North
Pressure: in in -
Precipitation: in    
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Tabular Data for May 18, 2017
Time Temperature Dew Point Pressure Wind Wind Speed Wind Gust Humidity Rainfall Rate (Hourly)
atLon -121.8887 °F °F in Calm     % in
ountr °F °F in Calm     % in
Class °F °F in Calm     % in
Group °F °F in Calm     % in
ion-S °F °F in Calm     % in
Medfield MA Weather
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